We offer the finest plasma-cut metal silhouettes available.  

Although we specialize in animals, we have everything from horses to motorbikes, farm scenes to letters of the alphabet. 

Perfect for adding a quaint nostalgic atmosphere to your home, business, garden or yard, and for unique gifts to give to your friends. 

If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us! 

We will work from your drawings, photos or even just your imagination, to create a custom-cut silhouette to meet your needs.

Silhouettes $55-00
Farm Sihouette
Alpaca 47x56 Alpaca 47x56cm Cow 50x41 Cow 50x41cm Motor Bike 60x39 Motor Bike 60x39cm
Barrel Racer 50x48 Barrel Racer 50x48cm Cow & Calf 55x37 Cow & Calf 55x37cm Ned Kelly 35x60 Ned Kelly 35x60cm
Basset 49x34 Basset 49x34cm Doberman 50x51 Doberman 50x51cm Pig 52x34 Pig 52x34cm
Belted Galloway 51x39 Belted Galloway 51x39cm Dragon 40x50 Dragon 40x50cm Polo X 56x51 Polo X 56x51cm
Border Collie 47x44 Border Collie 47x44cm Dressage 53x45 Dressage 53x45cm Reining 53x52 Reining 53x52cm
Bronko Rider 45x55 Bronco Rider 45x55cm Farrrier 52x31 Farrier 52x31cm Show Jumper 55x38 Show Jumper 55x38cm
Bull Rider 56x60 Bull Rider 56x60cm Great Dane 52x54 Great Dane 52x54cm Truck 54x41 Truck 54x41cm
Bulldogging 56x43 Bulldogging 56x43cm Horse 52x42 Horse 52x42cm Yacht 50x63cm Yacht 50x63cm
Calf Roper 52x44 Calf Roper 52x44cm Horse & Jinker 62x38 Horse & Jinker 62x38cm Clydesdale 43x38 Clydesdale 43x38cm
Show Jumper 61x51cm Lumber Jack 51x48 Lumber Jack 51x48cm Farm Scene 55x40cm
Tractor 55x35cm Harness Racer 54x29cm Race Horse 68x42cm
Western Pleasure 50x47cm